Purpose of WeCreate

Creativity thus far has been either an individual or organizational venture. We believe this approach needs changing. Creativity must be collaborative because the challenges we face are common to all.

The purpose of this website is to invite creative ideas from you to design the school of the future (SOF). An experimental model of the SOF has been set up in Bangalore alongside the Indus International School. The present SOF is an ‘incubator’, and your ideas and suggestions will go a long way in providing world class education to children below the poverty line, at affordable costs.

We request your ideas, expertise, perspectives and creativity to make this initiative successful, especially in the following areas:

> Avant-garde designs of future classrooms that can be constructed with low-cost material at around Rs. 200 per square foot
> Reduction in number of teachers operative costs by 70% of conventional schools through the use of technology and creativity
> Reducing dependence of future schools on land and infrastructure

The SOF is an equal opportunity school and is possibly India's quality assurance to illiteracy and poverty. We are also setting up these schools in Pune and Hyderabad. We wish to offer them as an alternative model.


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